Hippie Clothes - A Gentle Rebel Within

By David Alan Carter

Hippie Clothes - A Gentle Rebel Within

They say, you are what you wear. Or at least the fashion mavens say that. Of course, those are the same people trying to put you into a pair of $784.95 crocodile print suede Bruno Magli Women's Tirano Shoes .

OK, those boots are sweet. But I don't buy the bumper sticker. Rather, I like to think you wear what you are. Along those lines, I'm increasingly looking to get out of Perry Ellis and Alfani, and into... hippie clothes.

Yes, that's right. Hippie clothes. Your sandals, your bell bottom jeans, your faded this and your tie-dyed that. Admitedly, I can't wear such craziness to work. But down time is my time, and there's no reason to keep my inner hippie bottled up on evenings and weekends.

Sometimes you've just got to throw caution to the wind and go with who you really are inside. And if that person inside you is a free spirit, a youthful spirit, skeptical of established norms, a champion of the environment and all things rebellious, gentle and sexual, show it to the world.

How? With hippie clothes! Let's explore.


The Hippie Fashion Statement

By Robert Fuller

Hippie Clothes - A Fashion Statement

"What started out as a peaceful protest against the established societal norms and political arena that was in place, became an entire lifestyle that the hippies lived out from waking to sleeping, and from head to toe..." 

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Hippie Clothes Collage

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Hippie Clothes... for Non-Conformist Fashion

By Dee Allyn

"Hippie clothes, once a symbol of counter-culture non-conformity, are still common among those who retain the values of the era during which they originated, but items of hippie clothing often appear in mainstream fashion, especially for casual wear.

The Hippie Era

Hippie clothes originated during the counter-culture movement of the 1960's and 1970's, and during that era it was practically ubiquitous among college students and others who wanted to express their rejection of mainstream American values by wearing clothing which was considered sloppy and rebellious by more traditional and often older Americans. Today, hippie fashion still persists ...

Most noticeable among hippie clothing items that have entered and remain in the mainstream of fashion are fringes and long, full skirts. Fringes appear on leather jackets and handbags that are worn in the offices of corporate America more often than at anti-war protests, and long, full skirts are often chosen by women who want to relax in a comfortable, yet attractive, garment at home or on a casual day at work..."

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The Hippie Movement and Its Effects on Modern Fashion

By William Grayson

Hippie Clothes, and its effect on Modern Fashion

"Hippies wanted to be seen as individuals. This desire is most easily seen in the clothing now as it was then. The hippie movement idealized clothing that was free, unrestrictive and far from the normal suits, ties and formal dresses most popular with their parents generation. You could sum up the hippie fashion trends of the 1960's as an uprising against the prior generations values and restrictive clothing and designs.

Hippie accessories are more popular then ever. Large shoulder bags also know as sling bags adorned with peace symbols are seen everywhere. Bags made from hemp, recycled sari yarn and distressed fabrics are common place. Many of the largest department stores are getting into the market not wanting to miss out on this always popular yet surging market. New materials are also finding there place such as Jute ( recycled rice bags ) bamboo and recycled tires. This choice of materials support the hippie belief in being ECO..."

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